Whether our clients are contemplating the acquisition of a target company or hiring us for their own transaction related needs, the following common themes exist in our service offerings:
Over the years, Fortune Capital Management has built important relationships throughout Greater China through an organized and proactive approach. We have access to and connections with fund providers, project owners, governmental organisations, and other intermediaries and service providers in the region. Our highly dedicated team of professionals creates value for clients. We coordinate deal flow to help ensure that our clients are getting access to the most appropriate business and investment opportunities. We seek to ensure that our clients have access to both our industry specialists and professionals throughout the region. Apart from Greater China, we have affiliation relationships with counterparties in overseas countries.
Apart from connections and relationships, we have industry knowledge, technical expertise and proven experience in various sectors including, in particular, banking and financial services, energy and natural resources, mineral exploration, automobile and transportation industries, professional consultancy services, fast-moving consumer goods market as well as manufacturing sector. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to identify and understand the key value drivers and unique aspects of each business in order to provide responsive, timely and value-added advice to your business.
The partners of Fortune Capital Management are seasoned business people and professionals with proven and successful track records in cross-border mergers and acquisitions as well as pre-IPO placement opportunities. They have significant transaction experience that are dedicated to serving our clients through all stages of the transaction process. Our unique position as a successful Greater China business adviser reflects our unmatched ability to get deals done.
The private equity market has grown dramatically over the past several decades. It has become a major source of global capital. Moreover, recent regulatory changes such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, International Accounting Standards as well as listing rules and regulations are raising the costs of public ownership and have, therefore, heightened interest in the private sector.

Amid the market’s dramatic growth, the private equity sector is also facing a growing range of strategic challenges.
According to comments within the private equity industry, the majority of private equity transactions fail to achieve their objectives, and most fail to do so in the first year. That means that origination and the strong implementation of performance programmes for portfolio businesses have never become more critical.
As ever-larger funds pursue a diminishing pool of transactions, capital "overhang" has grown to historic levels and exit opportunities are harder to identify. Successfully putting in place the right teams, systems, and structures are vital to achieving superior returns.
The prevalence of merger and acquisition auctions has dramatically changed the landscape, creating a need for new origination strategies. New sets of maturing industries are emerging. Increasingly, private equity firms are going to need to expand their knowledge base in terms of industries and geographies, and have the capability to evaluate increasingly common consortia and partnership opportunities.
Our clients, who are mostly private equity firms, may intend to set up an international or local private equity fund and the fund will invest, through various instruments, in Chinese companies. To achieve respective funds’ targeted investment returns our clients look at minimizing the acquisition consideration as well as transaction costs (including tax burden) of their cross-border transactions. To operate successfully, our clients are faced with investment, legal, fiscal and regulatory complexities in various jurisdictions and they often find it difficult to coordinate between these jurisdictions.
Once investments are made, private investors must act swiftly and work closely with management teams on integration, articulate value creation targets, and implement new plans; "deal fatigue" and lapses in corporate governance are a risk.
Private equity has always been a key focus area of our firm, which shows our total commitment to your industry. Fortune Capital Management, armed with the necessary attributes, is ready to assist your firm in capturing opportunities and overcoming challenges during your business endeavours. Fortune Capital Management brings a knowledge-based approach to clients and the basic belief that identifying the means to enhance corporate performance early in each transaction is critical to overall success.