We help clients develop and refine their strategy, find the right organizational configuration to implement it, clarify their value proposition and segment focus, and increase the value of their portfolio by taking a cross-portfolio perspective. Using detailed diagnostics, we identify financial, operational, technological, and strategic performance opportunities.
Whether a client is developing an initial market positioning or working to reposition itself, our consultants help assess market opportunities and the client's assets and competitive situation. We also help develop a game plan for creating new market opportunities.
We help clients identify winning opportunities in specific industries and locations and quickly quantify turnaround potential.
We originate deals and assist clients in all aspects of the business negotiation. On some occasions, we will need to get governmental agencies and authorities to be involved in order to speed up the entire process.
When clients plan to make acquisitions or investments, we perform strategic due diligence, evaluating project positioning and competitive threats and opportunities. We also provide confirmatory due diligence by evaluating management capabilities, benchmarking operational performance, interviewing customers and suppliers, and validating business models and projections. We provide market due diligence to clients wanting to understand more about the target companies. We assist in liaising with other professionals such as auditors and tax professionals in the performance of their respective professional work during the due diligence process. We assist clients in the valuation of investee companies. We provide clients with assistance regarding the choice of an appropriate domicile and organisational structure. We liaise with local regulatory authorities, where appropriate. We provide clients with advice and consultation regarding financial, regulatory and fiscal compliance requirements. We work with legal counsels and administrators to create the documents necessary for the establishment and offering of the investment structure.
We help determine an optimal organizational structure, along with appropriate performance metrics and business processes. We also assess a company's people and skills, looking at capabilities and requirements. Our practitioners have experience in executive search and in transitioning newly acquired companies to professional ownership and improving their performance. Services include the development of board-level reporting packages and cash forecasting, performance improvement and turnarounds.
We help private equity clients establish and build businesses based on new ideas and concepts, select appropriate business partners for sales, distribution, and development, establish an optimal pricing strategy for new products or services, and enhance product quality and productivity. We assess and give focus to research and development efforts, and we ensure that pricing is customer and market driven.
We benchmark a company's operations and establish best practices in various functional areas. After determining the optimal business model, we formulate a plan for improvement through outsourcing, partners and alliances, or other methods. We also help firms make business process enhancements and address integration issues at each stage of the investment process.
We provide advice on how and to whom a certain project should be exited.
We provide financial advisory services on disposal of investment projects. We provide services in respect of valuation of investee companies, performance of vendor due diligence, and coordination with other professional service providers.